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History of the Institute of Certified Secretaries

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  • This is a free unstructured CPD course. It will be allocated 2 Unstructured CPDs upon completion.
  • The course details the origin and development of the Certified Secretaries Profession as well as the history of the Institute. At the end of the course, a participant is expected to understand the key milestone in the growth of the profession.
  • For more details on this, please download a free copy of the book by clicking the link to the Institute’s website.
  • Enhance understanding on the central role that the corporate secretaries play in the sustainability of enterprises.
  • Inspire members to enhance their competence in responding to the increasing demand on their role
  • A participant has to take the full course to obtain the 2 CPDs.
  • History of the Institute of Certified Secretaries
    38 Minutes